A Guide to Surviving a Sick Baby

You did everything right, washed your hands, washed their hands, didn’t let them near sick kids….but they still got that nasty bug that was floating around. You now have a sick baby on your hands!

As you know if you follow the blog, my son attends daycare. Most of the year it is fine, but in the winter it means he picks up all kinds of sickness bugs…and shares them. Lovely, I know. I’m hoping that this means that he will have an immune system of steel as he gets older. A mama can dream, right? Here are my tips for surviving when you have a sick baby on your hands!

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Set up a Command Center

Most babies get really snuggly and clingy when they don’t feel good. They are also super restless and less likely to sleep well on their own. That means you get to experience cuddle overload! And that you will likely be stuck in a chair for long periods of time.

Your command center should include everything you need near you so that if the baby finally falls asleep, or finally gets comfortable you don’t have to get up and risk disturbing them.

In our house, the command center is the big comfy recliner right next to the end table. Comfy enough to sit in for a long time, enough room to change positions, enough space for supplies for our little sickling, and you can recline or rock. It’s perfect!

You want to have remotes, snacks (for both of you), and water. Have a bulb syringe and wipes handy as well. Books for them and for you, phone or tablet as well. Netflix or any other digital streaming service is an awesome choice because you can put on cartoons for the little one, and then when they fall asleep you can switch something for you without having to decide between waking up the baby or watching “Trolls” for the 8000th time. Because that’s a tough call.


Super young kids can’t have cough medicine, and it can break your heart to see them miserable and know that there isn’t anything to give them. Never fear, there is a solution! We like to give our little guy this naturopathic medicine when he gets a cough. It’s mostly agave syrup, and can help soothe their poor little throat. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not a substitute for medical advice!



What have you been putting off?

Since you’re house bound (and maybe comfy-chair bound) for the time being, what have you been putting off? An email to grandma? Reading a long article that you saved to read some other time? A journal entry? Catching up on “The Walking Dead”? (Oh yeah!) Whatever it is, get it done!


Prepare to get sick

Unfortunately, with all the cuddles and care that sick babies require, you will likely fall ill with whatever your kiddo has. I honestly expect to get whatever bug the baby has, and when I don’t it’s just a pleasant surprise. That might be a pessimistic perspective, but I can live with that. As I have mentioned in many different posts, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You might need a nap, or a warm bath. Ask your spouse, parents, in laws, friends, anyone nearby that you love and trust.

If you are sick, then you need to add supplies for you to your command center. Cough drops, tissues, etc. Whatever supplies that will be helpful to your current sickness, stick it right there next to you!

These cough drops make it almost worth it to be sick. (Not really but they taste way better than regular cough drops).

Remember… this is temporary

Having a sick baby sucks. They’re miserable, you feel bad that they are miserable, and it’s easy to get caught up and feel like it’s going to last forever. But good news! It’s only temporary. Enjoy the cuddles, and rest up. In a few days things will be looking up, and both of you can be running around like normal. How do you survive a sick baby? Share in the comments below!

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