Are you crazy? Yeah, probably.


I think at some point in our lives we’ve stopped all and thought, “I wonder if I’m a little…OCD? Anxious? Or…(Insert any mental illness you can think of here)”. You might be. Honestly, you probably are.

Most of us are a little bit nuts in our own right. It’s what makes humans so interesting. People are fun because they have variety. And variety doesn’t happen without throwing a little bit of crazy in there.

We’ve all got a little dose of mental illness. It’s just part of being human. Here’s the kicker: Most of the time it doesn’t matter.… Read more

Surviving Snow Driving with Anxiety

I love the snow. It’s beautiful, romantic, and peaceful.  However, I do not like driving in it. It’s a relatively new experience for me, being somewhat recently transplanted to Idaho from California. It’s nerve wracking and used to stop me from going places that I really wanted to go. For me, having a baby in the car added a whole new layer of terrifying to snow driving with anxiety. It wasn’t something that I was super comfortable with before, and then being responsible for the life of a tiny, precious human just made it so much worse.

This is a … Read more

How to Survive Your First Week Back From Maternity Leave

Heading back to work after being home with your beautiful new baby is scary, exciting, and…busy. You have just barely figured out how to make life work with a baby. It’s hard to even imagine ever coming back from maternity leave (If you haven’t chosen a daycare yet, read my post here about things to consider). But when you come back…you get to have adult conversations! You get to pee by yourself! You get to sit in a chair by yourself for more than two seconds at a time!

However…you’re away from your child, and you miss them. You might … Read more

How I Lost 20 Pounds (and Counting!)

I’m super excited because I have finally reached a pretty exciting milestone! I lost 20 pounds! In honor of my recent weight loss, I wanted to talk about how I got here. It’s a little different than my usual posts, but I wish someone had told me what I had to find out the hard way. I’m so excited about this, and excited to share it with you!

No crazy secrets, just healthy life style changes!

Please note that that I am not a medical professional, and this post does contain some affiliate links! This means that if you click … Read more

A Guide to Surviving a Sick Baby

You did everything right, washed your hands, washed their hands, didn’t let them near sick kids….but they still got that nasty bug that was floating around. You now have a sick baby on your hands!

As you know if you follow the blog, my son attends daycare. Most of the year it is fine, but in the winter it means he picks up all kinds of sickness bugs…and shares them. Lovely, I know. I’m hoping that this means that he will have an immune system of steel as he gets older. A mama can dream, right? Here are my tips … Read more

A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Mom Job

If you follow the blog, you already know that I chose to go back to work after my son was born. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was right for me and my family. I feel so incredibly blessed to have a job that I enjoy, and that works with my mom schedule, which can get messy at times! Here are a few things for you to consider when choosing your mom job.

Flexibility/Time off

Can you come early and leave early every now and again, or take an hour off when you need it?

Especially if this is … Read more

How to Avoid a Fight…(90% of the time!)

I recently resolved something with someone very dear to me that has been bothering me for a long time. While I share many personal details of my life here, I’m not going to get into the specifics. I will say that I was totally in the wrong, it was an unnecessary fight, and the situation was the perfect storm for me to feel a variety of negative emotions and overreact. Now that it’s completely resolved, it feels good!  This conversation, as well as conversations my husband and I have had lately about the topic of what causes fights between friends … Read more

How to Cope with Being Away from Your Child

Being away from your child is never easy, especially for more than a couple days at a time!  The week before last for work I traveled to Orlando, Florida for a conference. My husband was able to come with me, which was wonderful. We were incredibly lucky to have family who could watch our little man for us so we could use this trip as a little get away. However, previous to this trip the longest we had been away from our sweet baby was our overnight to see Eric Church (read about an important lesson I learned at the … Read more

How Blogger Mommies Respect Their Children’s Privacy

How much information do you share about your child on your blog?

I posed this question in a few of the blogging communities that I belong to yesterday to get more insight into other mom’s perceptions on their child’s privacy on their websites. The responses were overwhelming, and are still rolling in as I write this. Clearly this is something that blogging mommies are passionate about!

Why are we concerned about privacy?

Safety is obviously the number one priority when it comes to deciding what to share on the a blog. You don’t want to provide a predator with essentially … Read more

The Secret to Treating Diaper Rash

You go to change your little kiddo’s tush, and what do you see? A diaper rash! It’s red, it looks sore, and you feel awful for letting this happen! What do you do now? Are you a terrible parent? No way, and don’t stress, we’ll get you taken care of!

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The best way to avoid … Read more