Period Game Changer-The Diva Cup


My experience with the Diva Cup!

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This is a post for the ladies, so guys, unless you want to read about menstruation read my most recent post here.

Isn’t that gross? (No!)

The first time I heard of the diva cup I was beyond grossed out. It’s…a cup?? You reuse it?? The flow just collects there and you have to dump it out?? Grossest thing ever, right? Wrong!

Fast forward to my next period. I had 20 months sans period between pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it was beautiful, it was glorious. Then BAM! It came, it was heavy, it was painful, it was miserable. It sucked! I couldn’t stay on top of it with super tampons. I was finally desperate enough to be willing to consider something I had previously thought was absolutely disgusting. The Diva Cup. (Cue dramatic music. Dun dun dun!)

My Experience

It was weird putting it in at first. They recommend you take it in and out in the shower until you get used to it to avoid messes. Once I got the hang of it, and figured out how to turn it and get it to seal, it was AMAZING! Post-pregnancy periods can be monstrous, and while I couldn’t make it through 12 full hours for the beginning of my period, it was fantastic to not be going through super tampons constantly! For the average flow though, you will be fine with leaving it in for 12 hours. And it is even less noticeable than a tampon!

They come in two different sizes, for women under 30/who have not given birth, and women over 30/who have given birth. Size two is slightly larger. So I am under 30 but I have given birth, so I went
with size two. It was perfect! I have a friend who is also under 30 and has not given birth, and she was happy with size one. So the sizing is very accurate!

The instructions recommend boiling it after your period is over. This concept grosses a lot of people out, because who wants to put it in your cookware? I agree, don’t put it in your cookware! I recommend using a pot set aside only for that. Your choice if you want to buy a cheap new pot, or simply use an old one you were going to throw out anyway. I would recommend putting it somewhere that no one will get confused and accidentally uses it for preparing food.

Once it is boiled, you put it in the case provided, and put it somewhere safe until it is time to use it again! (underwear drawer, bathroom drawer, your call!)

Why it’s awesome (and actually MORE hygienic than traditional methods)

Tampons soak up everything, including your body’s natural lubrication. You know that horrible feeling you put a tampon in and realize that everything is dry and it hurts! Or you pull it out and it is still very dry and ouch! With pads, you are sitting in the mess. Which is not fun either. With the Diva Cup, your flow is hygienically held until you can empty it. Your natural ph isn’t affected, and the
medical grade silicon is perfectly hygienic if cared for as suggested. (Rinsed with mild soap every 12 hours, and boiled at the end of each cycle). Also, compared to other menstrual cups the diva cup has no dyes so it is much safer.

It’s a no brainer

The diva cup eliminates the guesswork out of wondering if your period is over yet, or choosing a regular or super tampon/pad. So while it costs more upfront, once you buy it you are set! I have heard of people using theirs for years! The cheapest price I have seen it for is on Amazon.

So I am seriously never going back. I love my Diva Cup. No more tampon runs to the store for me! I recommend it, don’t say I didn’t tell you how awesome the Diva Cup is! (Because I did!) Use the links below to get your own and see what the fuss is about!

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