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You Are Flawed, and That’s OK!

We all have those days. Days where we feel like we aren’t doing anything right. Days when we question every decision we have made. We can’t pull ourselves out of a funk, and we just aren’t happy, no matter what. We feel horribly inadequate, and incredibly flawed. I’m having one[Read more]

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Terms of Service

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Privacy Policy

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Broken Trust

Question on how to rebuild trust Dear Hailey, Advice on being able to trust again after my trust has been broken? Untrusting Dear Untrusting, Having our trust broken sucks, there’s no getting around that. We pour our heart and soul into someone, only to have it smashed. But we do[Read more]

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Dear Worried…

In response to “Worried” Dear Hailey, Before I get to the actual question, you need some background information first. Back when my husband was a child his life changed in an instant when a drunk driver crashed into his parents car killing most of his family. His older brother and[Read more]

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Not so Sweet Dreams

Q: How do I best help my 6 year old? She struggles with anxiety and super creepy, demented nightmares. Tips for either issue would be very appreciated! A: Nightmares are very normal at that age. Children at this age are starting to understand real life dangers, and these realizations can[Read more]

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10 Ways to Survive Distance

As many of you know, I’m from Northern California (any Californian will differentiate!) and we currently live in Idaho. I love my adopted town, and I have WONDERFUL in-laws, but there is no getting around the fact that IT SUCKS to live far away from your family. Currently, my parents[Read more]

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When it’s not the Greatest Day of Your Life

  I had the opportunity to write a guest post for Hot Minute Mom! Check it out here! Or read below! I experienced one of the most beautiful moments in my life this weekend. What was unusual about this is that it wasn’t a romantic date, it wasn’t a holiday.[Read more]

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When Breastfeeding Isn’t Beautiful

  My Story Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. So natural, so easy, so wonderful…except when it’s not. We had a rough start with our breastfeeding journey. My little man was in the NICU for his first 5 days of life due to low oxygen levels. He was so lethargic that[Read more]

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30 Things to do When You Are About to Lose it

Self-care is always essential, but as a new mom I am realizing even more how important it is. While taking care of my family is my number one priority, I’ve come to realize that I can’t take care of them if I don’t take care of myself. Here is a[Read more]

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