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Advice Column: Dealing with Colossal Amounts of Stress

Dear Hailey, So. Stress. Seems I just can’t get enough. lol. I live with my dad. he does not require a lot of care, but none of us want him to be alone, and left to his own devises he would live on toast and butter and chocolate. He recently[Read more]

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The Best Pinterest Design Course

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. Pinterest is an awesome way to get free blog traffic, but it can be hard to figure out. I had done tons of guesswork with Pinterest, and I seemed to be putting in tons of work and not getting anything[Read more]

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When You Feel Worthless

It’s one of those times. I have an almost completed post that I’m just about ready to hit publish on, and I knew in my heart I needed to talk about something else. That post is important as well, but it can wait. I’ve been feeling down this weekend. Super[Read more]

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10 Ways to Survive the Winter Blues

Let’s get real for a second. Winter is hard. I live in Idaho, and moved here from California. It’s been a pretty big adjustment, especially the winter. In the part of California I grew up in, winters are very moderate. With very few exceptions, it’s unheard of for it to[Read more]

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Advice Column: Pre-natal Depression and Marital Struggles

 Dear Hailey,   I’ve been having a difficult time with my marriage. Mainly I’ve been feeling unhappy a lot and I had tied it to postpartum depression except that it had started a couple months prior to the delivery and had been a lot of ups and downs ever since.[Read more]

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Surviving Snow Driving with Anxiety

I love the snow. It’s beautiful, romantic, and peaceful.  However, I do not like driving in it. It’s a relatively new experience for me, being somewhat recently transplanted to Idaho from California. It’s nerve wracking and used to stop me from going places that I really wanted to go. For[Read more]

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6 Ways to Stop the Cranky Pants Dance

We all know that one person. The person who could be on fire with a stick in their eye, and they would still tell you they were “living the dream”. The person that simultaneously aggravates and impresses us. We want to smack them and also be them. Their lives aren’t[Read more]

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This is Your “Hard” (Lessons in Grieving)

“You just need to get over it.” “Stop wallowing.” “Snap out it.” “It could always be worse.” A few weeks ago, I was talking with someone who was experiencing some significant struggles in their life, and they told me that someone close to them told them they just needed to[Read more]

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What to Buy for a Baby Shower Gift (For any Budget!)

Before I had my son, I was super clueless on what to buy friends for baby showers. I would wander the baby aisle in the store for longer than I care to admit and eventually end up randomly choosing a few items and calling it good. Sometimes the mom-to-be will[Read more]

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Are You New Here?

“Are you new? I don’t know you.” There I was, sitting waiting for the last hour of church to start, and I look up to see a woman that I knew by name. Two of her kids were in the Sunday school class that I taught every Sunday. I had[Read more]

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