6 Ways to Stop the Cranky Pants Dance

We all know that one person. The person who could be on fire with a stick in their eye, and they would still tell you they were “living the dream”. The person that simultaneously aggravates and impresses us. We want to smack them and also be them. Their lives aren’t inherently better than anyone else’s, they simply know how to cope with life and it’s many adventures, wanted and unwanted. Here are some tips to help YOU be that aggravating person who is unfailing cheerful!


Validate your emotions

Emotions don’t go away suddenly when you decide you don’t want them. Sadness and anger can’t be exchanged for store credit. (I know, super disappointing!) But they are easier to cope with when you give them a name and recognize them. An example would be “I felt helpless when I couldn’t figure out why my son was crying. I felt overwhelmed when he had a blow out on the way out the door. And I felt embarrassed when I got to work and realized that my shirt was on inside out. And all of these things together made me feel incredibly stressed out”. It’s acceptable, normal even to feel this way.


Stop looking for evidence

Stop looking for reasons to be happy. Stop looking for reasons to be sad. You control your destiny, and your mood, so quit letting the world around you influence how you feel. Just stop it. Your day, your week, your whole year can be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you let it. If you look for good, you will find it. However, if you look for bad you will find it as well.


Fake it

Sometimes the only way to get over a grumpy mood is to pretend that you feel good. If you smile enough, you will start to believe that you are actually happy.

Please don’t misconstrue this to mean that you should ignore significant mental health issues. I don’t recommend pasting a smile on your face and pretending everything is fine through a deep depression, but a simple cranky mood is a completely different story.


Tell those around you that you are cranky

Tip off the people around you that you are grumpy. This allows you to do two things. One, it allows you to poke fun at yourself. Whenever I say out loud that I’m cranky, I have to laugh a little bit because it makes me sound like a toddler. I’m usually grumpy because I need a nap and snack, so it’s really not too far off base!


The second benefit is that it allows those around you to know not to push you until you have gotten through this funk. It’s not the time to tease, it’s not the time to ask you to do something super difficult. They won’t know that unless you tell them!


Treat yo self

First off, I won’t ever apologize for using parks and recreation quotes on the blog. And with treating “yo self”, It doesn’t have to be food, but it can. It is WAY different to treat yourself when you need a pick me up versus stress eating. The main difference is moderation, and mindfulness. Enjoy every bite. Savor the taste. Other options include a new outfit, a walk in the park, or a nap.



Sometimes this is bigger than us. We need some help shouldering our burden, and there is someone who is always more than happy to listen and give us the strength we need. Don’t be afraid to go to your knees get through a bad mood.



How do you cope with being super cranky?

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