The Secret to Treating Diaper Rash

You go to change your little kiddo’s tush, and what do you see? A diaper rash! It’s red, it looks sore, and you feel awful for letting this happen! What do you do now? Are you a terrible parent? No way, and don’t stress, we’ll get you taken care of!

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The best way to avoid diaper rash (like most things) is prevention! If you notice that your kiddos bum is getting a little red, change their diaper more often, and put cream or baby powder on it. (You are probably thinking thank you, Captain Obvious!) Don’t worry, it gets better, bear with me! I wanted to make sure that we covered the basics!



Diaper cream (no matter what brand you prefer)  is a pain to use, because it is greasy and gets stuck to your hand, and makes your hand smell bad, even after you wash your hands!  This here (baby bum brush below) is one of my favorite inventions. It makes it easier to use cream more often and therefore prevents diaper rash from developing. Plus, you can buy a tub (instead of the tiny tubes, which are more expensive), and with the bum brush you don’t have to dip your hand in the container!



Maximum Strength Desitin

This stuff is AWESOME. Be warned that it smells terrible, but it gets the job done! Make sure to buy the kind that comes in the purple container. Just know that you will need to be more vigilant with checking for poopy diapers, because the strong smell of the cream does cover up poop smell. You will be especially glad for the bum brush with this stinky cream!


Butt paste

I was recently introduced to butt paste by a friend after they read the original version of this post. It also soothes rashes really well, and my husband tells me it is what they recommend at the hospital. The smell isn’t bad (it kind of smells like cinnamon!)  so that is an upside to this over the maximum strength desitin! If you are torn between this and the desitin, try them both and see what works better for your kiddo!



The Main Event-my favorite tip!

This one is my favorite tip, that my fantastic friend Kaitlyn told me about when I asked her for advice the first time my kiddo got a diaper rash. When you layer baby powder on top of the diaper cream, it stops the cream from sticking to the diaper and keeps it on their cute bum! Simple yet effective!


Baking Soda Bath

I actually tried this one on my little sweetie for the first time today! We all know that baking soda is amazing for many different purposes, so this probably isn’t a shocker. The theory behind this one is that the baking soda soothes as well as neutralizes the acid sitting on their tush. So if your little one has diarrhea, this is one you should definitely try!  And we all have baking soda at home, so you can do this one right now!


Oatmeal Bath

This is always works wonders for me when I have irritated skin. And it’s super relaxing! I am sure it will work fabulously for your little kiddo’s rash as well. There is a gentler formula available for your munchkin’s soft skin in the link below!


Free (and naked!)

Sometimes, the only thing that can cure diaper rash is to let them run free and wild, and…naked! Give their bum a break from the moisture of their diaper. This is definitely more of a summer activity,  so you can go outside to eliminate scary inside accidents. We actually did this one today. Part of our fence is under construction (it blew over in a storm!) so to preserve his modesty I had him wearing a onesie and nothing else, with it unbuttoned at the bottom. This actually works really well to cover them if you don’t have private yard space.

What did I miss? What techniques do you use to help your kiddos when they get diaper rash? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Treating Diaper Rash

  1. I used vitamin A and vitamin E capsules. I’d prick them with a diaper pin and then squirt the oil on the rash. The other thing to watch out for is a very red rash that doesn’t not respond to the regular treatment. That may be a yeast rash, also called thrush. If it’s systemic, baby will need oral medication. Regular diaper creams will not work. You have to use Lotrimin or Micatin or the generic equivalents. Money-saving tip: the tubes in the foot aisle are the same medication and are usually cheaper!

    1. Thanks for the awesome tips Leslie! It is definitely good to watch out for thrush. Luckily this time around we are on the downward slope and it is getting better. Thanks for your comment!

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