Why I Refuse to Apologize for My Loud Baby at Church

I don’t think there are many things cuter than a baby who has recently figured out that they can make sounds. In church however…it can feel mortifying. And I’m not talking about a melt down, I’m talking about happy screeches and shrieks.

My hubby works every other weekend (a crazy nurse’s schedule) and so every other Sunday I am left to wrangle our little munchkin on my own. For us Latter-day Saints (or Mormons, as you may know us) church is 3 hours long! You heard me right, 3 HOURS. We have Sacrament Meeting, Sunday school, and then for the last hour we meet in many different groups that I won’t get into right now. So for that long stretch, I am trying to keep my little cutie happy, and quiet. (hahahaha yeah right. Almost made it through that paragraph with out laughing, but I just couldn’t do it).

I took to a Facebook group of moms that contains many latter-day saints such as myself. I asked them what to do about my loud baby. My thinking was that maybe they had some hidden techniques or secrets that I hadn’t thought of yet.  They responded , and I was humbled by their answers, which I have listed below.

“Let babies be babies. 🙂  I don’t mind hearing all the babies and little kids making noises at church.  It’s adorable!”-Rebecca

“Eh they are just getting cute and adorable! Only thing that keeps my baby quiet (for a little bit) are rice puffs, Graham crackers, Cheerios…those kinds of things. But… it only lasts so long. Afterwards he gets full and wants to play and be loud!”-Cailey

And my personal favorite….

“Try not to sit close to the grouchy older people? Ha ha” –Whitney

I also asked my mom and mother-in-law for advice as well, and their answers were very similar to the ladies in my mom group:

Kierstin: “Embrace it!”

Mom: “Own it! Like, my baby is so happy! And: My life is so great! All true statements. Not recommended: Mom joining in on the sing song noises.” (My mom is so funny. Not something I would have ever said as a teenager, but it sure is true!)

After all of this, I realized something. It really is ok. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD IF HE MAKES NOISES AT CHURCH. I was being selfish, and making it all about me. Like many others, I worried people were going to judge me if my baby was loud, or that we would be distracting to other people. I need to relax, and be ok with him making sounds. Right now, this is how he is communicating with everyone around him, including me! I shouldn’t do anything to stop him from finding his voice, or stop him from talking. He is way too young to understand that it is ok to talk other places, but not there.

It might be a little embarrassing, but most reasonable people won’t be upset if a baby is cooing or squealing happily. So I won’t apologize for my loud baby. (Still working on this, but I am trying not to apologize). More accurately, I am working on not apologizing.

So chat on little buddy. You are amazing. Thanks for helping me grow as a person everyday. I’m incredibly blessed to be your mama.

2 thoughts on “Why I Refuse to Apologize for My Loud Baby at Church

  1. I Love this!!! 😙 it is so true though. We all worry, but in reality, no one really cares that much (except those grumpy people, but thankfully there aren’t many of them)

    1. Thanks Cailey! You are absolutely right. And thank you for the dynamite quote for the article :).

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