Life is a Roller Coaster…

You may have noticed the blog and my social media channels have been quiet. I’m still here, don’t worry! Life simply hasn’t slowed down for me. These recent experiences have triggered dozens of thoughts on what to write, but I have had little to no energy or time to write them down.

My grandfather passed away, and I traveled home to California for his funeral services. I am currently very far away from home in Orlando for work. My sweet little boy also turned one, and has become increasingly mobile and curious about the world around him. I know there’s more but my tired brain just can’t retrieve that information right now.

Today my husband and I had the opportunity to visit one of Orlando’s many theme parks after I was out of my conference for the day. On one of the rides there was a little boy behind us. He was about 9 years old. As ride started, he yelled “I’m not ready! I’m not ready!” He would yell that every time we approached an incline, or anything remotely scary. For the really intense parts, he would add “I’m gonna die!” It was absolutely hysterical, and internally I was torn between giggling and telling him we were all going to be just fine.

With how crazy life has been for me, I started thinking more about that cute little boys panicked statements. How often are we not ready for something to happen, but life moves along anyway no matter what? (Let’s get real for a second, are we ever truly ready for big life changes?).

I wasn’t ready to be a wife, and I wasn’t ready to be a mother. I sure wasn’t ready to lose my grandfather last week. But all of these big life changes happened anyway. Life keeps moving. Yelling and screaming that we aren’t ready doesn’t do anything to stop it. All we can do is throw our hands in the air and enjoy it. And you know what? It’s perfectly acceptable to scream if you need to.

As we learned on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Sometimes you just wanna scream your head off, and a rollercoaster’s the only place no-one looks at you weird.” Wise words for all of us.

2 thoughts on “Life is a Roller Coaster…

  1. Sorry for the loss of your Grandpa Gil. He was one of a kind for sure.
    Your blog summed life up beautifully!!!

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