If I Could Have Just One Day to Myself…

How many times as parents do we think: “If I could have just one day to myself….that’s all that I need”.

As you know if you follow the blog, we had a very hectic summer. Right after we got back into town from Orlando, which was right after traveling home from California, I had to head over to Boise for another work conference. It was informative, and interesting, and I got a full nights sleep for 3 nights in a row. That’s like a parents dream come true, right? Wrong!

I hated it. I missed my baby. I would wake up to the sound of a baby crying, only to realize that I was imagining it. I was able to walk around downtown Boise all by myself on a whim, no diaper bag. I only had to get myself dressed, no one else.

I felt like getting a bagel for breakfast, and I was able to just walk down the road and get it with no preparation. My clothes stayed clean all day, no sticky baby fingers (or worse!) caused me to have to change outfits before the day was up.

I went out to eat with out having to share with the baby, or keep him entertained at the restaurant, or having to scoot all of the contents of the table away from him,  or having to ask for a high chair. But I missed his sweet cuddles. I missed the loving look he gives me with those beautiful big brown eyes. I missed his little giggle.

Now when I get overwhelmed those thoughts still come, that I need one day to myself, I remember those three lonely days. It doesn’t stop me from wanting time to myself, but it can pull me out of feeling sorry for myself at least.

So as parents, what the heck do we even want?

Who knows! We love our families more than anything else, and sometimes being a parent makes absolutely no sense. Soak in every moment, every sticky finger, every cuddle. It won’t last forever, but neither will those moments when you are absolutely overwhelmed.

One thought on “If I Could Have Just One Day to Myself…

  1. I agree it doesn’t last forever…my oldest is a junior in high school. That went by so fast!
    This season is such a blessing even though its hard!

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