What You Need to Know About Trying to Induce Labor at Home

After my due date came and went, I decided it was time to bring out the big guns and try to induce labor on my own! It was July, I was miserable, and I just wanted that baby out of there! Here is what I tried, and the results! I am not a medical professional, and I recommend speaking to your provider before trying any of these.

Spicy food

My hubby and I went to a very authentic Mexican restaurant, and I asked for extra jalapeños on my torta. When the waiter brought out the food he told me he wasn’t sure if I was serious, so he put them on the side. So I squeezed all that would fit on the torta, and ate the rest of them. I explained my situation to him, and he asked when my due date was. I gave him the pregnant lady stare and told him “5 days ago”. He wished me luck.

The result: Heart burn. Lots and lots of heart burn. And diarrhea. So definitely not a success. But I succeeded in scaring a waiter and impressing my husband with my jalapeño eating ability, so there’s that.


I drank grape flavored store brand laxative. It was gross. I recommend chugging it as fast as humanly possible, so it spends very little time in your mouth. The thinking behind this is that if your bowels become irritated, they can stimulate your uterus into contracting. It is the same principle as drinking castor oil.

The result: Very bloated feeling, then diarrhea. So not a success. But I had been backed up, like many pregnant ladies find themselves so it solved one of my problems at least.


I walked so much during my pregnancy. Or rather, waddled would be a more accurate discription. It didn’t do anything for me. Some people have found success with this.

The end result: Nope. Nothing. It was suggested to me that maybe this one only works to induce labor for those who don’t walk through out their pregnancy. Something to think about. But here’s a cute picture of my walking buddy rolling in the  grass!

Fresh Pineapple

The thinking behind this one is that there is an enzyme that supposedly can help soften the cervix for labor. The term “ripen” has also been used to describe what those enzymes can do for the cervix, but that term kind of weirds me out in this context. This enzyme is only present in fresh pineapple, canned won’t do.

I ate almost an entire pineapple by myself. And…nothing. But it was absolutely delicious and when do you get the excuse to eat an entire pineapple? Not very often. My only caution would be that the acidity of pineapple can be rough on your mouth.

 Stripping of membranes

For the record, this HURTS. My doctor didn’t even offer it up, because she is a very nice lady and didn’t want to cause me pain. Even when I asked she asked me if I was sure. But I was willing to try basically anything, because I really didn’t want to have to go in and be induced.

The result: I passed the mucus plug the next day, so I was super excited. But a week later I found myself in the hospital to be induced, with no signs of labor. So definitely not successful for me.

Pregnancy Tea (Red raspberry leaf)

This one has mixed data in the internet-sphere. Some say it can induce labor, and others say it simply tones your uterus to make your contractions more efficient to speed up your laboring time.

The result: For me, regular drinking of this tea did not induce labor. There is no way of knowing if it resulted in a shorter labor for me. I labored for 12 hours and then gave birth to my little cutie. So that was my experience.

Crying desperately

Why am I still pregnant?? Gahhh!!!

Eating everything in sight

This isn’t really a solution, but you are pregnant! Do what you want!


It’s a personal decision to decide how to proceed. Prayer is a great way to help you choose how to proceed.

The end result of trying to induce labor

A week after my due date, I chose to go to the hospital and be induced, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. (Aside from our 5 day NICU stay due to low oxygen levels) He was 9 pounds even, 21.5 inches long. So for me, induction was the right call to avoid a c-section. Because who knows how big he would have been if would have waited!

What were your experiences with trying to induce labor? Let me know in the comments below!

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