Free Decal Details

Hey you!

You might have noticed that there aren’t pictures of many of our items in the shop yet, just the digital images.

Long story short, it makes me sad to cut and stick vinyl just for a picture and then scrape it off and throw it away. It’s wasteful and no one gets to enjoy it or keep it in their home.

So here’s the deal: After you receive your purchased decal in the mail, if you take a quality, clear picture of it in your home and email it to I will send you the decal of your choice from the shop in the mail free!

The free item needs to be the same price or less than the purchased decal. You are welcome to apply the credit to another more expensive item if you would like. All items that do not yet have pictures (only digital images) apply to this promotion.

Guidelines for pictures:

-Clear (not blurry)

-Well lit

-Area free from clutter

-Cleanly applied decal (not folded, bubbled, ripped, etc.)

-Wall is relatively smooth (can be textured, but not damaged)

-Generally appealing

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, and THANK YOU!

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