Daily Miracles (Admidst the Monotony of Parenthood)

The daily monotony of parenthood can be painful, and boring. It can seem like an endless stream of diapers, feedings, and spit up episodes (and subsequent outfit changes as a result). But let’s stop and think about what is happening right now. It might not seem like it, but you witnessing daily miracles. And what is that?


There is a little piece of you, and a little piece of your spouse put together, months of growing, and thousands of miracles, and grown into an amazing being! A living, breathing, (adorable!) little person.

Every day they explore the world, and experience new things. Every day is an adventure. Everyday, they get a little bigger, get a little better at using their hands, a little steadier at standing or walking.

The other day, my little guy figured out that he had a tongue. He figured out that there was this thing in his mouth that he can move around, make sounds with, and blow raspberries with! He also figured out how to army crawl around the house (Which means I need to up my child proofing game…)

So when they grab everything in sight and shove it in their mouth? They are exploring the world around them with boundless curiosity. Everything is brand new to them.

When they scream when you leave the room? The world is a scary place with out you (even just in your living room), and they are still figuring out that when they can’t see you, you didn’t disappear and you are coming back.

When they bite your finger so hard they leave tiny teeth marks? They are figuring out how to use those brand new (razor sharp!) teeth!

When they head butt you so hard you see stars? They are figuring out neck control, and how to move that cute head around!

When they grab your face with their slobbery hands? (Or maybe shove their fingers up your nose…) They are figuring out that you have a face, just like them! How exciting is that?? There are a million more, but you get the idea.

With this perspective, everything isn’t suddenly magical unicorn ice cream with sparkly sprinkles. However, it can make it easier to be more patient. You are blessed to be able to be a part of this daily miracle, so do your best to enjoy it :).

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