Your Self-Worth Can’t Be Measured on a Scale (Your Weight Doesn’t Determine Your Value)

My beautiful sister visited me for a few days last week, and while we were having a heart to heart and we talked about our weight loss goals for the summer, and somehow the topic of high school came up. We talked about the how some people LOVED that time in their lives and actually miss it. Neither of us belong in that camp, for multiple reasons, but one of the big ones was our confidence and our self-esteem. Or rather, lack of those things back in high school. We both feel much better about ourselves now than we did … Read more

How to be Happy (According to “Trolls”)

I don’t know about your kiddos, but the one thing that gives me a few minutes of peace is putting on “Trolls”. I don’t like having television take care of my son very often, but mama’s gotten clean because we also don’t want to be living in a giant pile of garbage…so it’s a trade off.

So guess what we have watched multiple times this week alone? Trolls!

It’s a cute movie, it’s colorful, they sing and they dance, I can see why my little one likes it so much.  In addition to being adorable, there are some powerful life … Read more

What You Need to Know About Stopping Your Antidepressant (SSRI)

I started drafting another post,  but this is all that I could think about today. And as someone who gets easily fixated on topics, it was easier to choose to write about this instead. Know that there is nothing wrong with needing to take an antidepressant, and there is nothing wrong with choosing to stop either.

Don’t stop cold turkey

If at all possible, taper off of your medication. You decrease the risk (or severity) of your withdrawal symptoms. You can cut your pills in half, or take them every other day, whatever works best for you and what your … Read more

Why I Refuse to Apologize for Choosing to be a Working Mom

I’ve talked before about choosing a quality daycare for your child (read that here) and also about why I refuse to apologize for taking my child to daycare (read that here). However, I think it is time I address my decision to continue working now that I have a child. I am not doing this to justify my choices to anyone, but simply to help others understand the decision that I made. And be warned, I am going to borrow some Leslie Knope quotes (Parks and Rec! Woot!) to help me express my feelings on this.


While it is … Read more

For the Single Woman at Church

So I have an awesome surprise for you this week. We have our first ever guest writer on Thoughts, Dots, and Tots, one of my very good friends-Davina! (And she is a very talented photographer, so the gorgeous photos in this article are all hers!) She received an unusual assignment at church for a young single woman, and I asked her to write a post for me to share with all of you. She very kindly agreed to share her experiences. So here it is!


About a month ago, I found out that my teaching assignment in church was … Read more

For the Days When You Have Nothing Left

I’ve had those days. Days where you are too tired to get out of bed, where you hear the baby crying and you pray they will go back to sleep. When they keep crying and all you can do is drag yourself out of bed, pick them up, and lay back down. When you have nothing left to give, but you keep giving.

When people you love are doing all that they can to help you, and you can’t help but feel angry at them for no reason.

When it seems impossible to go to work, but you do it … Read more

Why I Refuse to Apologize for Taking My Child to Daycare

I had so much fun writing about why I refuse to apologize for my loud baby at church (you can read that here) that I decided to write about something else  I refuse to apologize for. So here it is, why I refuse to apologize for taking my child to daycare. Daycare gets a bad rap, but don’t let a few bad daycare centers give you bad opinion of all of them. (And credit for the photo below goes to the lovely Katy Cooper Photography!)

After my son was born, he was in the NICU for 5 days. During that … Read more

Why Should You Quit Caring What Other People Think

The days I drive the baby to daycare, my 15 minute commute turns into 40 minutes each way in the car. This gets old fast. Driving is boring! One day, I was singing my heart out, using my steering wheel as a drum, and just having an awesome time. It made my drive go by so much faster. When I pulled off the country road and back into town, I toned it down. But why?


Because I didn’t want anyone to see me.

This is completely normal. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks like that. But here’s … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Care if Someone Unfriends You (Digitally or in Real Life!)

It’s happened to all of us, whether we notice or not. As a lifelong people pleaser, when I notice that someone unfriends me it can hurt my feelings. But I gave it some thought, and these are some of the common reasons, and why it shouldn’t bother you. (Warning, this is a very frank article, and if you shy away from honesty, maybe read something a little softer like this…)


1. Do you really want them in your life?

I don’t want someone in my life, (or following my blog) who doesn’t want to be there. The truth is, … Read more