Are you crazy? Yeah, probably.


I think at some point in our lives we’ve stopped all and thought, “I wonder if I’m a little…OCD? Anxious? Or…(Insert any mental illness you can think of here)”. You might be. Honestly, you probably are.

Most of us are a little bit nuts in our own right. It’s what makes humans so interesting. People are fun because they have variety. And variety doesn’t happen without throwing a little bit of crazy in there.

We’ve all got a little dose of mental illness. It’s just part of being human. Here’s the kicker: Most of the time it doesn’t matter.

Let’s say you need to check the doors 4 times apiece each night before bed to be convinced that they are locked. Your spouse thinks it’s weird, since they can glance at the doors once and be convinced that everything is squared away.

But think for a second: Is that really affecting your life negatively? Are you affected so much by those odd but benign habits?

The answer is a resounding “No.”

However, if you spend hours checking and rechecking, locking and unlocking, and counting, waking up to check again, then you run into trouble. Because your life and functioning are starting to be affected negatively.

Quirks, strange behaviors, and unique habits that can only be described as oddities are part of being human. If your relationships, sleep, and daily functioning are severely affected, that’s when we worry. That’s when you need to be referred to a medical professional that will likely recommend counseling, and possibly medication.

But if you’re just a little odd, you have some weird habits? Welcome to the club, because that’s just part of being human.

It’s good to be self-aware, because often these small habits can escalate when we reach stressful points of our lives. But cut yourself some slack. You’re just as crazy as the rest of us.



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