You Are Flawed, and That’s OK!

We all have those days. Days where we feel like we aren’t doing anything right. Days when we question every decision we have made. We can’t pull ourselves out of a funk, and we just aren’t happy, no matter what. We feel horribly inadequate, and incredibly flawed.

I’m having one of those days today. Stressed beyond belief, and not for one specific thing. It’s for A MILLION reasons. Am I making the right decision for my family by working? But not working doesn’t feel right either. And I need to be exercising, eating healthier, and I need to do more baby activities with my little man, and watch less TV, keep the house cleaner, write in my journal more, spend more time on the blog (or maybe less??), do something with my hair other than always throwing it into a bun, and there is so much laundry to catch up on, and did I make the right call at work today?? And…


I had a conversation with my wonderful Aunt Sherry when I was home in California in December. I expressed to her that I worried about my decision to go back to work and if it was right, and she gave me a fantastic piece of wisdom. She told me that there aren’t any perfect answers, if your family is taken care of and you’re happy, then that is what matters.

So for someone like me, who is constantly over thinking EVERYTHING, that means that if my little family is getting what they need, then I can (try to!) calm down and stop panicking about whether what I am doing currently is the right thing to do, and if I am doing enough. It’s definitely a process.

While we should always be striving to improve, and attempting to find balance, it gets to the point where we need to love ourselves, and be ok with the fact that things aren’t perfect. Allow ourselves to grow, but be patient with ourselves. Because there are no perfect answers or magic solutions. Every family and individual needs different things. Most important of all though, your family needs you to be sane, and happy. They love you, and you should love you too! You aren’t perfect, you are flawed, and that’s ok!

2 thoughts on “You Are Flawed, and That’s OK!

  1. You are definitely doing enough and more, Hailey! I think we all struggle with doubts and feelings of inadequacy. You described it very well, I love your honesty.

    Thanks for the special mention too, I’m so touched I helped!

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