Advice Column: Will My Anxiety Return After Pregnancy?

Dear Hailey,

If you had anxiety and depression prior to getting pregnant and breastfeeding and then those things went away with the hormone changes from pregnancy and breastfeeding, are you destined to get back all of the yucky feelings when you wean and your hormones go back to ‘normal’? How does one keep that from happening?




Dear Concerned,

Hormones and pregnancy are very unpredictable. Some women find their hair is a different texture or color after pregnancy. I myself had adult acne that cleared up during pregnancy and never returned even after we weaned from breast feeding. And many women experience mood changes like you are describing. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that these changes are permanent.

However, there are a few things you can do to encourage these positive changes you have experienced to stick around.

1. Find a good supplement
2. Start taking vitamin D
3. Start an exercise regiment
4. Buy a happy light
5. Consider getting testing done-If your hormones are severely out of whack it could absolutely be affecting your moods. Pregnancy could have brought them to normal levels.

And most importantly:

6. Practice adequate self care. Make sure you are getting enough sleep (Well, as much as is possible, babies often have their own ideas). Take a break if you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Have a hobby that is your own, and separate from your children.


If you find yourself experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety or depression, please contact your doctor. I wish you luck.



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