Advice Column: Response to Stressing Groom

Dear Hailey,

I want to ask my dad to be my best man. He’s the greatest man I’ve ever known and we are so close. However, my best friend is expecting me to ask him. How do I tell me best friend, without hurting him, that I want my dad? I’ve asked all of my groomsmen (4- dad will be 5) and now very keep asking who the best man is. The wedding is in 5 months so I need to decide soon.

Stressing Groom

Dear Stressing Groom,

This is your day to celebrate, to officially join your life to your spouse’s. You need to choose whoever you want. From your letter it sounds like it is very clearly your dad.

Tell your friend exactly what you are thinking. Tell him not only how much your dad means to you, but how much he means to you. Make sure he knows how important it is that he (your best friend), is there with you on your special day.

Consider if there is specific groomsman duty you can assign your best friend for him to feel included and important.

He might be surprised when you break the news, but I’m sure he will understand. He’s there to celebrate your day, and support you and your future spouse. I’m also sure it will mean the world to your dad to be your best man.


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