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Dear Hailey,

My family and I are moving to another state soon, and while I am very excited, I’m a little nervous too! I have lived in the same home my whole life except for while attending school and this is the first “real” move ever. I certainly won’t miss too much about where I am now, for the most part I’m excited to start over new somewhere, where no one knows us and we can just have a fresh start. Although the excitement over takes the “fear” of change, I’m still a little apprehensive about getting established in a completely new area- but thankfully I already have my job lined up. Do you have any tips from your personal experience? We’ve been planning this move for a long time, and it’s sort of like a dream come true, but we all know that nothing and no where is perfect and I think being nervous is natural with a big life change like this. Thanks for listening!



Future New Girl In Town



Dear New Girl,


As some readers who know me in person may know, I moved states during my childhood, from Washington to California. Everything was different, the weather, the culture, and just the fact that it was a new place hundreds of miles away made it kind of a scary transition. I moved again to Idaho for college, and then again when I got married, although that move was only 30 minutes from my college town. With all that, I think it’s safe to say that moving is something that I have experienced in my personal life.


It’s definitely different moving in adulthood versus childhood, but the uncertainty of it all doesn’t change. The fact that you need to make new friends and figure out this new place you are going to call home are the same.


Every town has unique activities, interesting landmarks, places to eat, you name it. I’d recommend joining a facebook group specific to that town to figure out the places that everyone loves. If its a larger town there might also be blogs and other websites that talk about cool stuff specific to the area that are worth checking out.


As far as meeting people goes, the first few are always the hardest. Friends of friends is how I met many of my dear friends in childhood and in adulthood. It’s actually how I met my husband! Once you make a few friends most of the hard work is over. 


Now as far as meeting those first few people, here are some tips. If you are religious, church activities are a great way to meet new people. When you move in to your new home, reach out to your neighbors. If this makes you nervous or you aren’t sure how to approach the situation, a baked good never hurts. Who can be upset by “I’m your neighbor and I made you this delightful treat!”.


I’d also recommend going to some community education classes on a topic that you are interested in. It will be a good way to expand on your hobbies and talents, and possibly meet some people that have similar interests. You can find these classes at a community college or community center. 


It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to start over. Try to focus on the positive aspects of moving. If things get rough, know that moving is a tough and stressful transition, and it’s normal to struggle with change. Give yourself breaks during the moving process, and maybe even treat yourself to things (activities, treats, pedicures, movies, etc.) that will help with this transition. Remember, this is a whole new chapter of your life, and that is incredibly exciting!



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  1. Wow Hailey, you can give great advice on ANY topic! I read all of your Dear Hailey columns because I love hearing your wisdom, even if the situation doesn’t apply to me. Hopefully New Girl takes some of your advice and can enjoy a fresh start.

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