7 Ways to Turn Someone’s Day Around

I had another one of those days. A day that didn’t turn out awesome. It started out fine, and basically went to crap as the day wore on.

I’ve become moderately obsessed with vinyl, and I was at the very end of a complex project, and I messed it up. It was a layered project and while putting it together I didn’t align it right, and I ruined the entire thing.

So I wasted my time (and wasted the vinyl). That was going to be my win for the day. A day that had been rough anyway, and the botched project just cemented the crummy-ness of it all.

I spent more time than I would like to admit feeling sorry for myself. About the vinyl, about the rest of my day.

That night, I recieved a very kind text. It was from someone I don’t know very well, but it was what I needed.

And then the next day, I had two similar conversations at work. Conversations about how much I was appreciated. And really, it was just for me doing my job. Nothing crazy.

These weren’t family members, best friends, or anyone who knew me well enough to know I was having a rough day. None of these people knew that I was feeling sorry for myself. They were just letting me know how much they appreciated me.

We don’t always know when someone was struggling. But it never hurts to throw some kindness or appreciation out there.

Will you do me a favor? Do this for someone today. Be the person that brings a person out of their sadness, reminds them of their worth, and helps them pick their pieces up and move forward.

Today, tell someone…

1. How much they mean to you.

2. That you appreciated something that they did for you, or for someone else.

3. How much you enjoyed the latest pictures of them or their kids on social media, or the funny blurb they posted.

4. How they have inspired you.

5. That you have noticed their hard work.

6. How much you admire a quality of theirs.

7. How great their hair looks, or how their new outfit makes their eyes pop.

Remember, if you put good things in the world, good things will come out. When you need them, you’ll get a little piece of that goodness back. And even if it weren’t for that, it just feels good to bring someone else up out of a crummy day.

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