5 Tips for Coping with Change (For Those who HATE It!)

For someone who doesn’t care for change, I’ve done a lot of it in the past year! I started a new job. I had a baby. So my home life and work life are completely different! Instead of going home from work and relaxing, I’m wrangling an adorable little chunk monster! And my house is full of baby gear and baby toys! I also cut my hair short…which I hadn’t done in 8 years! (Postpartum hair loss is something else…am I right ladies??) Here are my 5 tips for coping with change!

1. Accept that change is a part of life (This is a BIG step towards coping with change appropriately) 

It happens. There’s no stopping it. You aren’t alive if everything is staying the same. It’s a tough and painful truth of life. As I sometimes say…suck it up buttercup!

2. Understand that some change is good.

While my world has been flipped on its head by our new addition to our family, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I mean, look at that cute face!

3. Understand that some change is bad, and that sucks!

The loss of a loved one, a natural disaster. An event that takes something from us, whether it be something physical, emotional, any kind of loss or other unwanted experience. It is ok to grieve that change, because not all change is positive. Allow yourself to grieve. It is necessary sometimes! One of my petty changes I don’t care for is the stretch marks I was gifted with after being pregnant with my 9 pound cutie! But he is so worth it.

4. Realize that not all change is within your control.

As a control freak in some aspects, it can be wonderful and also stressful for me to realize that I don’t control everything. It can be very freeing and a huge step towards coping with change appropriately to understand that some things are outside of your control. Not my circus, not my monkeys! 🙂

5. It’s ok to miss aspects of how your life used to be.

And don’t feel bad about trying to recapture some of what you miss, as long as you are still moving forward and not living in the past. In fact, if you can figure out exactly what it is and bring some of it back, that’s awesome!

My husband I used to go basically everywhere together, and that stopped when the baby was born. I would stay home, and my husband would go do whatever needed to get done. (Because seriously, it is such a hassle to bring a baby anywhere!) I realized this, and while it was way more convenient to divide and conquer, we started doing that again! We brought the baby (and his thousands of supplies) with us! And I am so happy with this decision and the time together that we reclaimed.

Childless Hailey disappeared forever 8 months ago, and sometimes I miss her. Mom Hailey is very different, but she is way better than Childless Hailey in many ways. She is more patient, more relaxed (about some things!) and she is for sure less selfish! (Ok, are you over me talking about myself in the third person? I’m done!)

What have been your experiences with change, and coping with change? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Coping with Change (For Those who HATE It!)

  1. As a person who lives a life of perpetual change, I found this really interesting as it will help me understand the perspective of friends and family. Having a baby is huge change, transformative really. The new Hailey sounds like a fascinating person

    1. Thank you Michele! It is crazy how one tiny human can make your life completely different 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by!

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