7 Things to Remember When Life gets Really, Really Crappy

You may have noticed that the blog has been quiet. I’ve been answering advice column questions as they come through, but other than that there really hasn’t been any new content up on the blog in a few months. There have been a multitude of events happening in our household, all exciting, some positive, some not so much, and all incredibly exhausting. One very wonderful fact is that I am 31 weeks pregnant with our second little munchkin! Things are settling in (a little) so I’m back!

2019 has been one of my toughest years yet. But I’m still here! Here are some of my tips for getting through a tough patch of life.

This won’t last forever

Difficult patches never last forever. Knowing that something is temporary makes it more bearable. This pregnancy has been tough. But logically, I know I’m not going to be pregnant forever (Even though it does feel like it). The other difficult things happening in my life will resolve themselves with time as well.

Make changes if necessary

If there is no end in sight, and whatever you are going through isn’t sustainable, then make changes. This might mean reaching out for some much needed support. It might mean cutting some stuff out because it’s just become too much. Chances are, you already know what needs to happen. So do it.

Identify your needs

What is it that you need? (A taco? A nap? Just a shoulder to cry on?) How can you get it? Is it something that you can obtain on your own? And if you need someone else to help you get what you need…

Ask for help

None of us are in this great adventure alone. We aren’t designed to go through life as islands, but holy cow, it’s SO INCREDIBLY HARD to reach out and ask others to lend us a hand. We’ve learned through out our lives to be tough, and independent. However, EVERYONE needs to lean on those around them at some point. So push that pride aside and ask for some flipping help.

There is nothing wrong with doing the bare minimum for a while

Your family doesn’t need gourmet meals every night (Hello, dino nuggets!) As long as they are fed, everything’s golden. Also your kids will survive if you take a nap while they watch a Disney movie. Is your house a little cluttered? Whatevs, it can wait too. Work can handle you showing up and doing the basics for a while. Life can wait while you get your feet back under you. And just because it’s important….

Take a nap

I know that this is the third time this has been mentioned in this post. It’s just that important. So do it. Life’s challenges honestly can wait, and you will find that they will shrink a smidge when your brain is a little less tired. If you’re not a napper (this is a no judgement zone, even though I personally LOVE naps), give yourself some time to de-stress and recharge.

You are worthy

It’s hard to feel like a fabulous unstoppable rockstar when the kids (or you!) are eating frozen food for the third night in a row. However, the kids are probably thrilled (Kid’s love corndogs and chicken nuggets after all). You simply can’t give 100% when your world is falling apart. Rest, recharge, and come back swinging when you’re ready. That rock star is still there. She/he just needs a nap.

2 thoughts on “7 Things to Remember When Life gets Really, Really Crappy

  1. Hailey, I couldn’t agree more. You are so wise- I can especially identify with cutting some stuff out and deciding what I need. Life is too short to have too much on your plate that you can’t handle- and simplifying for me has made a world of difference.

    1. Thank you Davina. I love simplifying, it helps you realize what’s important, and what can wait or even doesn’t need to happen at all!

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