Advice Column: Response to “Closed In”

Dear Hailey,

My spouse is from a small tight knit family with no extended family. We were recently invited to go with them from CA to AZ for a visit to the Grand Canyon. We agreed to go, took the time off work and got everything in order to make it happen. One day before the event, her family decided it would be a good idea to get an RV instead of staying in the hotel we had planned. What should I do?

Closed in

Dear Closed in,

I gather from your letter that you aren’t on board with the … Read more

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Advice Column: Response to Anonymous

Dear Hailey,

My best friend has had a giant crush on this guy that doesn’t like her back for a long time now. She is, quite frankly, obsessed. All of our conversations revert back to him. And she doesn’t seem to realize that she is worth so much more than this guy, who is, in reality, a player and total jerk. But all she sees is the two times he was nice to her.

This has been going on for almost two years now, and it just keeps getting worse. Everyday she feels like crap because she concludes that the … Read more

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Advice Column: Response to Fair or Share

Dear Hailey,

I have been married to my husband for 15 years. I came into this marriage with pretty much nothing but love to offer. I have given and received plenty of that. My husband is very comfortable financially. I signed a pre-nuptial before we were married. After 15 years I am wondering if I am wrong for what I’m feeling.

My husband has three boys of his own and I have only one girl. His children never think to wish him Happy Birthday or Father’s Day for the most part. And when they do get gifts for him they … Read more

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Advice Column-Stuck with Clingy

Hi Hailey.

For a long time, I’ve had a certain friend who bothered me. When I was little, I would dislike her but continue to hang out with her because she lived close to me. She was on my bus every day and impossible to avoid. As I grew older, I learned the “clinginess” I hated was actually due to a kind of social processing disorder. As I got older, I hung out with her less and less. She starting clinging onto a new friend. But that friend moved schools, and now I’m stuck with clingy. Wherever I go, she … Read more

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Advice Column: Response to Muddled

Dear Hailey,

Recently, my friend had spoken of an Internship near us. We are both High School students, looking for a job. The Internship sounded cool, but I decided to apply to a few fast food places near me instead. Fast forward two months, and no luck. Not one place had called me back. In desperation for a job, I remembered the Internship. I checked the website: Still hiring. I filled out the application, and within 3 days heard back. I think they want me, as they informed me they had skipped phase one of the interview process, and wanted … Read more

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Advice Column- Always a Bridesmaid

Dear Hailey,


I am a fairly new new-comer to your blog and was reading through some past advice column posts and decided to post my own question, or share what’s on my mind. I am single, but honestly I’m pretty happy about it- MOST of the time. I haven’t met the right guy yet. I would rather be single and happy than married and miserable or, not happy in a marriage and I feel very strongly about those convictions. I refuse to settle. But, through the years as my friends get married (and most of them are) I have … Read more

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How to Stop From Falling Over the Edge

We’ve all been there, everything is just hunky dory and suddenly, it happens. You start to feel an impending sense of dread, of anxiety, or a giant wave of depression that makes you want to turn around and go back to bed. Maybe something triggered this, but maybe it just appeared out of nowhere, like a monster in an unfortunate magic show.

What do you do now? Here are some options to avoid spiraling into a full blown depressive episode or panic attack:

1. Take a quick inventory of yourself

Have you eaten today? Taken a shower? Are you dehydrated? … Read more

You Have More Than You Think

I had the opportunity to visit Baltimore for a work trip earlier this month. We decided that we would jaunt over to DC before we headed back home, since it was just a train ride away. While we were in DC, we visited the Holocaust museum. It was a harrowing experience, but an event that needs to be remembered.

After reading and seeing the contents of the exhibits for the 3 hours we were in that museum, it seemed incredibly disrespectful to carry on with my usual posts. At least with out acknowledging the haunting things I witnessed, and express … Read more

My Son is a Milestone Slow Poke


My little guy is kind of a slow poke.

I don’t mean with running, because that kid is FAST. I mean he’s slow with developmental milestones. He was slow to crawl, slow to walk, and slow to talk. (But he was 9 pounds at birth, and got all of his teeth well before 18 months, so there’s that).

Like many naive new parents, I always thought my kid would be the fastest kid to learn new skills, and achieve milestones. He was going to be breaking records and just impressive all around. A Guinness book of world record baby … Read more

When You Can’t Seem to Get Crap Done

Before I had my son, I was the queen of productivity. I could clean the entire house in one afternoon. I would make a to-do list, finish everything on it and then some. If I wanted something done, I got it done.

Now that I have entered motherhood, most of what I can accomplish is limited to the small window of nap time. If I attempt chores any other time, they are constantly interrupted by tiny hands that need love and attention. On top of that, ever since becoming a mother my ability to focus isn’t what it used to … Read more