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The Secret to Treating Diaper Rash

You go to change your little kiddo’s tush, and what do you see? A diaper rash! It’s red, it looks sore, and you feel awful for letting this happen! What do you do now? Are you a terrible parent? No way, and don’t stress, we’ll get you taken care of![Read more]

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What You Need to Know About Stopping Your Antidepressant (SSRI)

I started drafting another post,  but this is all that I could think about today. And as someone who gets easily fixated on topics, it was easier to choose to write about this instead. Know that there is nothing wrong with needing to take an antidepressant, and there is nothing[Read more]

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Why I Refuse to Apologize for Choosing to be a Working Mom

I’ve talked before about choosing a quality daycare for your child (read that here) and also about why I refuse to apologize for taking my child to daycare (read that here). However, I think it is time I address my decision to continue working now that I have a child.[Read more]

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For the Single Woman at Church

So I have an awesome surprise for you this week. We have our first ever guest writer on Thoughts, Dots, and Tots, one of my very good friends-Davina! (And she is a very talented photographer, so the gorgeous photos in this article are all hers!) She received an unusual assignment at[Read more]

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For the Days When You Have Nothing Left

I’ve had those days. Days where you are too tired to get out of bed, where you hear the baby crying and you pray they will go back to sleep. When they keep crying and all you can do is drag yourself out of bed, pick them up, and lay[Read more]

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Why I Refuse to Apologize for Taking My Child to Daycare

I had so much fun writing about why I refuse to apologize for my loud baby at church (you can read that here) that I decided to write about something else  I refuse to apologize for. So here it is, why I refuse to apologize for taking my child to[Read more]

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Why I Refuse to Apologize for My Loud Baby at Church

I don’t think there are many things cuter than a baby who has recently figured out that they can make sounds. In church however…it can feel mortifying. And I’m not talking about a melt down, I’m talking about happy screeches and shrieks. My hubby works every other weekend (a crazy nurse’s schedule) and[Read more]

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How to Survive Flying with a Baby

I’ve been absent from the blog this past week, as you may have noticed. But I’m baaack! The reason for my absence is that we we traveled to California to visit my family, which was a blast! After my experience, here are my tips for flying with an infant! (Little man is 9 months[Read more]

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When You Hate Someone (And you have no idea why!)

Do you ever meet someone, and you just don’t like them, or even hate them? You can’t put your finger on it, but there is just something about them that doesn’t sit well with you. (Credit for the lovely photo below goes to my fantastic friend Davina!) I am a big believer[Read more]

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What You Need to Know About Trying to Induce Labor at Home

After my due date came and went, I decided it was time to bring out the big guns and try to induce labor on my own! It was July, I was miserable, and I just wanted that baby out of there! Here is what I tried, and the results! I[Read more]

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