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100% Isn’t Enough for Your Marriage

I’ve been thinking… There is something that has been on my mind. Not just a little, but darn near constant. My 5 year anniversary is in just 2 short days, and it has me thinking a lot about the past 5 years. Overall they have been absolutely phenomenal, but we’ve[Read more]

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How to Cope with Being Away from Your Child

Being away from your child is never easy, especially for more than a couple days at a time!  The week before last for work I traveled to Orlando, Florida for a conference. My husband was able to come with me, which was wonderful. We were incredibly lucky to have family[Read more]

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Life is a Roller Coaster…

You may have noticed the blog and my social media channels have been quiet. I’m still here, don’t worry! Life simply hasn’t slowed down for me. These recent experiences have triggered dozens of thoughts on what to write, but I have had little to no energy or time to write[Read more]

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How to Tell Your Child That Their Pet has Died

  Dear Hailey, I need advice on how to handle a tough situation. My 5 year old daughter has SPD (and I believe anxiety as well) and I have very bad anxiety (that I am working on managing better). We are currently out of town visiting my family (we left[Read more]

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Self-Care Ideas (Other than taking a bath)

  Dear Hailey, Can you give ideas for self-care for exhausted mommas besides the typical take a hot bath or get a pedicure. Sometimes I don’t know what to do for myself but am feeling burnt out. Exhausted   Dear Exhausted, Self-care is essential, and that’s awesome that you recognize[Read more]

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Your Self-Worth Can’t Be Measured on a Scale (Your Weight Doesn’t Determine Your Value)

My beautiful sister visited me for a few days last week, and while we were having a heart to heart and we talked about our weight loss goals for the summer, and somehow the topic of high school came up. We talked about the how some people LOVED that time in[Read more]

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How to be Happy (According to “Trolls”)

I don’t know about your kiddos, but the one thing that gives me a few minutes of peace is putting on “Trolls”. I don’t like having television take care of my son very often, but mama’s gotten clean because we also don’t want to be living in a giant pile[Read more]

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Lessons in Positivity From a Diehard Pessimist

Anyone who knew me in high school or earlier, would definitely conclude that I am a pessimist. Those who know me now would probably not have a strong opinion, as I am not as vocal about my negative views these days as a used to be. I always jump to[Read more]

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How Blogger Mommies Respect Their Children’s Privacy

How much information do you share about your child on your blog? I posed this question in a few of the blogging communities that I belong to yesterday to get more insight into other mom’s perceptions on their child’s privacy on their websites. The responses were overwhelming, and are still[Read more]

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The First Year of Marriage is Far From the Hardest

This week’s post was inspired by a misconception that has been floating around. I keep seeing posts on social media from friends celebrating their first year of marriage, and writing something along the lines of “I can’t believe that the first year is the hardest, because it’s been amazing!” or “It’s[Read more]

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