Advice Column: Will My Anxiety Return After Pregnancy?

Dear Hailey,

If you had anxiety and depression prior to getting pregnant and breastfeeding and then those things went away with the hormone changes from pregnancy and breastfeeding, are you destined to get back all of the yucky feelings when you wean and your hormones go back to ‘normal’? How does one keep that from happening?




Dear Concerned,

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Response to Worried New Mom

Dear Hailey,

Is he “adjusting to fatherhood” or is it abuse? Basically, the crux of my question for advice is that people minimise family violence but it’s also likely to escalate while a woman is pregnant and just after a baby is born. I was told that my husband was just adjusting to being a dad, and my support network had all but broken down.


Worried New Mom

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Response to Anxious Mama

Dear Hailey,

Do you have any suggestions for dealing with getting divorced and having the ex partner use your anxiety for an excuse as to why you shouldn’t be allowed as much custody? Having to prove that the anxiety is caused by the ex partner and not parenting, when they are unwilling to see or hear this.*

Anxious Mama

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How to Tell Your Child That Their Pet has Died


Dear Hailey,

I need advice on how to handle a tough situation. My 5 year old daughter has SPD (and I believe anxiety as well) and I have very bad anxiety (that I am working on managing better). We are currently out of town visiting my family (we left early Thursday morning and will be returning Saturday the 8th laaaate at night) and have a pet sitter staying at our house watching read more

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Self-Care Ideas (Other than taking a bath)


Dear Hailey,

Can you give ideas for self-care for exhausted mommas besides the typical take a hot bath or get a pedicure. Sometimes I don’t know what to do for myself but am feeling burnt out.



Dear Exhausted,

Self-care is essential, and that’s awesome that you recognize the importance of it. Not everyone likes baths, and if you don’t like them they certainly read more

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Like a Sister (Response to Always the Sister Type)

I'm in my upper 20s and have been in several relationships, but guys always end up telling me that they "love me like a sister" or that they don't love me THAT way- that is, the romantic way. I am very feminine and I definitely don't have a problem expressing my feelings of affection through words or actions...

Broken Trust

Question on how to rebuild trust

Dear Hailey,

Advice on being able to trust again after my trust has been broken?


Dear Untrusting,

Having our trust broken sucks, there’s no getting around that. We pour our heart and soul into someone, only to have it smashed. But we do ourselves a major disservice if we close ourselves off from trusting again. Vulnerability is a tricky thing, because it is one thing that read more

Dear Worried…

In response to “Worried”

Dear Hailey,

Before I get to the actual question, you need some background information first. Back when my husband was a child his life changed in an instant when a drunk driver crashed into his parents car killing most of his family. His older brother and him were the only 2 survivers from the wreck. After nearly dying, and years later, both brothers are ok and dont suffer a whole read more

Not so Sweet Dreams

Q: How do I best help my 6 year old? She struggles with anxiety and super creepy, demented nightmares. Tips for either issue would be very appreciated!

A: Nightmares are very normal at that age. Children at this age are starting to understand real life dangers, and these realizations can come out in dreams. At 6 years old, your daughter is able to distinguish between reality and dreams, read more