Advice Column: Response to Mayla

Dear Hailey,

I have severe social anxiety and it makes it difficult to work. I have been able to manage well before because I have always loved my jobs and what I do. However I recently started a new job after losing my last due to COVID. This new job makes me feel overwhelmed and is deteriorating my mental health. Should I stick it out or take the risk of being unemployed and quit? Thank you so much in advance for your advice!


Dear Mayla,

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job due to COVID. It’s been a really strange and difficult year, and it’s hard to believe that we are coming up on a full year of social distancing, masks, and all the other stressors that come with living in a pandemic.

No job is worth your mental health. No matter how much you are getting paid, or what other circumstances exist around this, it’s not worth your mental or physical health. If you can financially make it work one way or another (even with tighter finances) then leave. If you have to take a job that you aren’t super excited about, you are underpaid for (but will ultimately be better for your mental health) take it and leave your current job. You can always find something better later. If you have savings that you can use, social programs that you can utilize, or other supports, then use them and leave your job.

With the economy in it’s current state, a gap in employment will be met with understanding. It’s been tough, and everyone is just trying to do their best. Remember, health and happiness need to always come first!

I wish you luck,


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